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It’s just a before and after kinda day 😃 #funeralformyfat #weightloss #beforeandafter

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Get to know what you do and the transformation it does to your body it’s not always how you think it would turned out to be.

#powerlifters (Strongest but fattest), #bodybuilders (Anabolic steroids, offseason or bulking etc), #crossfitters (fittest in endurance muscle training or HIIT), #aesthetics (there is no off season or bulking, it’s all muscle growing and getting shredded), #runners (skinny non-lifters but can outrun all except the cross fitters). (at #FYI)


When you’re not used to exercising and then you start doing it consistently you’ll notice that you tend to be hungry more often. EAT! This is your body telling you that you’re working harder and it needs more nutrients to keep it going! This isn’t a challenge of how much self control you have when it comes to food. Listen to your body and EAT!

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