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Omg, I disappeared, wth LOLOL.

20. December 2013

So it really has been a very long time since I posted anything. It’s been pretty crazy on my end. However, I did not fall of the wagon. Actually, I’ve been riding the wagon pretty hardcore (?). 

GUYS! I’ve lost at least 10 pounds since September. This is unreal because I haven’t lost weight since I started working out when I was 12 (I’m 19 now). Not only have I lost weight, but I’m at 191lbs. I’m almost out of the 190’s. I haven’t seen the 180’s since freshman year of HS at the latest. It’s going to be unreal when I hit those 180s. I’m actually motivated.

I’ve gotten so serious. I did shaytober, where I ran 60 miles in October and that really kicked my ass into gear. I upped my running from doing 1-2 miles, from doing 3-5 miles + lifting at least 4 times a week.

I started counting calories on the app myfitnesspal. I only started to do it to see where I was really at with the whole eating thing. I was eating too many calories. I counted calories regularly through October and November, but I stopped because I wasn’t eating food that could be easily counted. I do it every now and then but not too much. I’m starting to count again though really soon. 

I like going to the gym, I like seeing my body change, I like feeling better and stronger.

If none of you have cared what I’ve been posting about within the past 2 years, NOW IS THE TIME. Things are happening people. 

If you’re a fitblr, like this or reblog and I’ll check your blog out. 

I’m eating Mcdonalds…

19. January 2013

But I ran today, and I did the part of my job where I walk all around campus, I’ve also eaten healthy today besides this Micky D’s.

Back from a rough 1 mile run.

6. January 2013

However, one mile is one mile. I want to keep track of how many miles I run this year, so right now, it’s at 2.

So…2013 ehh?

31. December 2012

This is one of the first years I never really thought about. 2012 was the biggest year of my life so far…I haven’t looked passed it. At the beginning of 2012, I made my resolutions and threw them up on my personal blog (does exist, but used rarely). Let’s see how I did, shall we?

2011 has been a very interesting year for me, I’m ready for it to end. I have some big plans for 2012. Lets see;

  • Turn 18 — This is a given.
  • Graduate High School —- Yeppers, did that.
  • Get my drivers license and a car —— Yay, another “accomplishment”
  • Start my video production company ——- Failed, didn’t do this.
  • Lose weight and get in shape ( —— Partially, I started running, ran 2 5ks, and have made progress, although I haven’t lost weight.
  • Start College —— Yes ma’am.
  • Take advantage of opportunities —— I don’t know if I did this…so no?
  • Be less sarcastic —- This is impossible.
  • Do my hair more often—— This is also impossible.
  • Give my friends full support/Be a better friend —- I actually think this went the opposite way, I have gotten much busier and feel like I’ve been pushing friends away.
  • Find my dad a house and get him a dog —- Unexpectedly moved to Chicago and is much happier, therefore, mission accomplished.
  • Go to Los Angeles to see my future habitat —- Nope, I didn’t, but I went to Chicago and Seattle! Chicago may be my future habitat!
  • Love life even when it doesn’t love me —— I haven’t been taking things so seriously.
  • Choose to be happy ——- ^^^^^^
  • Inspire and motivate others ——- I’d like to think that I’ve done this by doing this blog and putting my health journey out there, that I have inspired and motivated others.



Starting some new resolutions.

  1. I really want to be down to around 150lbs or less.
  2. Run 6 5ks.
  3. Make 2 short films (hopefully more..)
  4. Move to Chicago for the summer and get an internship.
  5. Get a pixie haircut (I don’t think I will look  good with one, but It’s something I want to do.)
  6. Read 1 book a month. (This is going to be so challenging.)
  7. Get nothing lower than a C in all of my classes.
  8. I need to be nicer. It’s just so hard with all of the stupidity.
  9. COOK MORE. Learn healthy recipes and learn how to cook.
  10. Save money. This will be the hardest. I’d like to have $600 in my savings by the end of 2013. Right now it’s 0…
  11. OH WAIT, I FORGOT ONE. I started a new blog. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a film/video major. Not only that, but I also love movies. So I decided to make a list of my favorite movies on I will be posting one movie a day (or at least trying to…)

And I think I’m going to leave it at that. Of course this blog will be more focused on the health/running/weight loss aspect. So stick around, and we’ll have a party.

Weigh in #1

10. December 2012


I gained .2 pounds :(

But in my  defense, it’s finals week and everybody just started making Christmas cookies.

However, I went for a pathetic jog yesterday and about died, but at least I’m starting to jog again.

Day uno. (The start-over).

3. December 2012

I’m considering this a start over. I fell off the wagon and got ran over. So here is day one. Again.
I’m really disappointed in myself. I was getting to the point where running 2 miles was getting easy for me. If I went out right now, a mile would be tough.
My gym went out of business, it’s been cold out, I’ve been busy with school and work, and even if I’m not at school or work, I’m exhausted. But those are all excuses.

This time is going to be slightly different. I was focusing on running. I love running, in a love-hate kind of way. However, I want to join the YMCA. If, for some reason, you don’t know what that is, it’s like a gym/pool/sport center. There are a lot of activities to do there. From the website, I will have access to:

  • Seven indoor and two outdoor pools
  • Ten fitness centers with new, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Nine gyms
  • Climbing wall
  • Five indoor walking/jogging tracks
  • Tennis, racquetball and volleyball courts

So here is what my new plan is going to be.

  1. Of course, choose the healthier choices when eating.
  2. Running 1-2 days a week
  3. Swimming one day a week
  4. Spinning one day a week
  5. Maybe Raquetball one day a week?
  6. Strength training one day a week (push ups, pull ups, weights…)
  7. One free day to do whatever exercise I want (Probably running outside because I love it, it makes me feel healthier more than anything.)
  8. I also really like climbing, but I like bouldering (not really belaying), so I will probably climb the wall a few days a week so that when I start bouldering in the summer I will have strength.

I was weighing in once a month so that I didn’t become obsessed with the scale, but I will be starting to weigh in every Monday morning, starting today.

My official first weigh in: 202.0 lbs

So then I’m switching it up and staying active throughout the week. Let me know what you think of this… it sounds grand to me.


I’m dissapointed….

21. November 2012

I’m disappointed with myself. Its been about a year since I’ve started this blog and started to get serious about health. Here I am, a year later, still hovering at around 197lbs. Nothing….wow. I have had some small successes, like building up my running stamina and obtaining the skill of getting over the first few minutes of working out, but that’s it. I’m so disappointed. Seriously? I’m going to say it, I thought I’d be skinny by now. Yes, I want to be healthy, but I’m not going to lie, of course I want to look good. I’m not saying that overweight people don’t look good, I just don’t have the confidence to put forth the effort to look good. Its just depressing.

In result, I will be 160lbs by my birthday (July 20). I refuse to accept anything less. Now I do not swear, but in this case typing, I will make an exception. I’m going to work my ass off. Literally and figuratively.

And yes, you may expect me to blog about it.


3. November 2012

I jogged today for the first time in like a month…twice! Yes, I jogged twice, about .7 miles each, and I died both times. My throat isn’t used to the cold air, I just need to find my multi clava to cover my mouth when jogging, and I’d be set. My new running shoes are doing pretty well also. New goal in place,

Be at a healthy weight by Summer 2013!

Hey Ya’ll

19. September 2012

How are you guys doing with your healthy lifestyle? I haven’t been doing very bad. I’m still running! I just haven’t been posting about it :) Seriously, how ya doing?

Holy Crap, where I have I been?

31. July 2012

Ahh I fell off the wagon for about 2 weeks this month. It’s the summer and It was my birthday (Cake :(. Not to mention, I got a car, so I’ve been doing a whole lot of crap. I’ve been eating junk and not working out. I feel as big as when I started. Two days ago, I jogged .5 miles. I felt horrible and I accidently brought the bad head phones that shock my ears! Today, however, I jogged a little over a mile. I’m going to get up to 1.5 miles again this week and then 2 miles next week. I dropped my phone on the treadmill today, and then almost fell off when I tried picking it up… haha I’m sure it was quite the sight. Anyway, I’m still here, and I’m still dedicated as of now!

I jogged a 1.5 today.

8. July 2012

So I have been working out. Trying to keep with my schedule, but it’s been SOOOO hot where I live, like 95 degrees +, so it’s hard to jog outside. I’ve been trying to make it to the gym, but I don’t drive yet, so I have to find rides. Luckily I can drive in 12 days! WOOO. WORK OUT ALL OF THE TIME! Here’s my calendar to keep track of everything, the circles are completed work outs. Top is June, bottom is July!

New Jogging Schedule

30. June 2012

I decided it’s time to start pushing myself a little more. I have been working out periodically this past week or so, but not really hard and I’ve been eating terrible. Today I started my new jogging schedule. I’m starting at a mile, and I will eventually be jogging 3 miles a day and be able to do 10 pushups easily by the end of August. So today I jogged a mile and I’m about to do 2 pushups here, yes 2, you have to start somewhere. However, I just ate like 2 rows of oreos. Not good, I know. Starting fresh and early in the morning, healthy food. It’s all about feeling good! I promise I will post more daily, I’m losing track without doing these anyway.

Update on my goal. - 6/23/12

23. June 2012

So far I’ve missed 2 days of working out.

Today I did a 5 mile bike ride.

Yesterday I tried to jog a mile, but failed miserably.  I can normally jog more than that, I jogged a whole 5k like a little over a month ago, it was just a very off day.

I’ve been eating a ton, I must be getting ready to start because I’m so hungry!

Workout #79 - 6/15/12

15. June 2012

I jogged a mile. It was really hot outside and I was dying.

I made a goal to jog/do some form of cardio everyday until my birthday, which is at the end of July. Here goes nothing.