Project: GoFitness

Let's start a project. Let's get fit.

Day uno. (The start-over).

3. December 2012

I’m considering this a start over. I fell off the wagon and got ran over. So here is day one. Again.
I’m really disappointed in myself. I was getting to the point where running 2 miles was getting easy for me. If I went out right now, a mile would be tough.
My gym went out of business, it’s been cold out, I’ve been busy with school and work, and even if I’m not at school or work, I’m exhausted. But those are all excuses.

This time is going to be slightly different. I was focusing on running. I love running, in a love-hate kind of way. However, I want to join the YMCA. If, for some reason, you don’t know what that is, it’s like a gym/pool/sport center. There are a lot of activities to do there. From the website, I will have access to:

  • Seven indoor and two outdoor pools
  • Ten fitness centers with new, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Nine gyms
  • Climbing wall
  • Five indoor walking/jogging tracks
  • Tennis, racquetball and volleyball courts

So here is what my new plan is going to be.

  1. Of course, choose the healthier choices when eating.
  2. Running 1-2 days a week
  3. Swimming one day a week
  4. Spinning one day a week
  5. Maybe Raquetball one day a week?
  6. Strength training one day a week (push ups, pull ups, weights…)
  7. One free day to do whatever exercise I want (Probably running outside because I love it, it makes me feel healthier more than anything.)
  8. I also really like climbing, but I like bouldering (not really belaying), so I will probably climb the wall a few days a week so that when I start bouldering in the summer I will have strength.

I was weighing in once a month so that I didn’t become obsessed with the scale, but I will be starting to weigh in every Monday morning, starting today.

My official first weigh in: 202.0 lbs

So then I’m switching it up and staying active throughout the week. Let me know what you think of this… it sounds grand to me.


SHAYTEMBER. Join us :)

Anyone else a SUPER big supporter of shaycarl/shaytards? I am, have been for a while, and this makes me even more. Seriously, watch it! Fitblrs/Runners/ and People who want to lose weight. He lost over 100lbs, ran 2 marathons and ran 1 half marathon.

Do you guys know how good it feels? After eating so bad the past few weeks, eating healthy the past 2 days feel amazing. Why don’t I do this all of the time?

21. August 2012

Goal: Jog 3 miles on the treadmill by the end of September.
Goal: Get into the 180’s by the October 1st weigh in
Goal: Workout 5 times a week

I actually started college and got a job so these goals might be a little harder to reach. One step at a time!

I also initiated my new “diet”. It is a 2% raw diet. That’s sarcastic, but it’s really loose usage of “raw”. Fruits, vegetables, wheat bread, chicken and turkey (not lunch meat, the ones I have to cook myself ha), brown rice, whole wheat pasta, nuts, water, 100% pure juice - Naked Juice, Skim milk, some cereal (Cheerios, life…the better choices of cereal) CHEATS: cheese (little amounts), sauces/condiments.

As you can see, it really can’t be counted as “raw”. I will be allowing myself one free day, Saturday, because that’s the day I’m with my dad or out with friends. This isn’t a day to go crazy, but allow myself any dinner I’d like and probably a dessert.

Holy Crap, where I have I been?

31. July 2012

Ahh I fell off the wagon for about 2 weeks this month. It’s the summer and It was my birthday (Cake :(. Not to mention, I got a car, so I’ve been doing a whole lot of crap. I’ve been eating junk and not working out. I feel as big as when I started. Two days ago, I jogged .5 miles. I felt horrible and I accidently brought the bad head phones that shock my ears! Today, however, I jogged a little over a mile. I’m going to get up to 1.5 miles again this week and then 2 miles next week. I dropped my phone on the treadmill today, and then almost fell off when I tried picking it up… haha I’m sure it was quite the sight. Anyway, I’m still here, and I’m still dedicated as of now!

Workout #76 - 5/31/12

31. May 2012

Jogged a mile today in 11:40 which is faster than normal for me. Time to get serious again. I am going to Seattle on Monday to see my uncle who is big into health and I’m really excited. I think he and I are a lot alike. Yay for healthiness and getting back on track.

The hardest thing about trying to lose weight…

5. May 2012

Some of you may think that the hardest thing is eating healthy or working out like you are supposed to. From my personal experience, it’s not. It’s difficult to go workout 4-6 days a week, but I manage it and actually enjoy it. Eating healthy is difficult for me because I love EVERYTHING that is unhealthy, especially ice cream and chocolate.


The hardest thing about trying to lose weight is this. I workout 4-6 days, and I watch what I eat. I don’t eat healthy, but I stop myself, I get smalls, and I try to incorporate every food group. The hardest thing about trying to losing weight is having 2 months pass, and not losing a pound.

My May 1st weigh in, I weighed in at 197 lbs. I was 197.4 lbs April 1st. I lost .4 pounds. I was also 197 lbs March 1st. I am extremely discouraged. Being discouraged doesn’t mean I’m going to quit. I’ve found a passion for running and working out. It’s just hard going through the rough times of the days you don’t want to workout, but you do, the times when you really want another piece of cake but you don’t, the times where you really want a double cheeseburger but get a grilled chicken wrap instead, and you don’t see any results.

That’s what is hard. That’s what makes people give up.

Please keep going. Nobody remembers people who give up, they only remember those who succeed. You can be one of those who succeeds.

Tomorrow is a weigh-in

30. April 2012

O.o, wow, that pretty much did a sneak attack.

I have a few Dailies to post…

21. April 2012

BUT, I just wanted to say that I’m running/walking my first 5k tomorrow! I’m going to try to jog at least 2 miles of it, and then maybe I will have to walk some, but I want to finish jogging. I have about a week until my next weigh in so… AND I was going to eat really healthy today so I’m light for the race, but I ate SO BAD today, so lets hope it doesnt effect me too bad.

So, I didn’t lose weight this month.

2. April 2012

Woo, yippeee. Oh well, these next 2 months will be brutal!

About everything - 3/31/12

31. March 2012

So there’s a lot going on. Today was a skip day, just kind of resting from broomball, but I wanted to post about whats going on. So my 4th weigh in is supposed to be tomorrow, but it’s not going to be. It will be the day after tomorrow because Im at my dads and I don’t have a scale here. I’m planning on making tomorrow a cleansing day, trying to stick to water and fruit all day tomorrow. Then I will weigh in on Monday. I might post a progress photo if I think I’ve shown progress enough after looking at the before and during pictures. I wanted to be in the 180’s this weigh in, but I don’t think it will happen because I have done HORRIBLE this month :(

Another thing:

I bet my mom that I could finish a 5k faster than her at the beginning of June. So, that’s 2 full months of training. So I will be training super hard because I need to beat her! She has already ran 3 so she knows what she is doing. I want to run one at the end of May so I know what it’s like before I officially race my mom.

Right now, I jog can jog a little more than a mile. 1.5 miles on a good day. This is what I’m going to do to get ready for my 5k.

April - The month of 2 mile jogs and doing a few 2.5 mile jogs.

May - The month of 3 mile jogs and one 3.5 jog.

Hopefully that will be enough to accomplish this. I’m going to have to eat REALLY clean, which will be the difficult part.

2 month weigh in - March madness

1. March 2012

Did my 2 month weigh in this morning, and I broke the 200 mark! It’s not that big of a deal because I’ve been hovering around that line for a while now, but it’s nice to NOT be in the 200’s anymore. My weigh in was 197.4, so I only really lost 7lbs, which isn’t a lot for a whole month. Although, like I said, I didn’t do too well in February. That brings me to March, I’m going to make this month count, going to push my limits. I hope that by my April 1st weigh in, I will be in the 180’s, it will be the first time since like Jr. High. So yeah, BRING IT ON MARCH!

Take a suggestion from somebody who is not qualified to give one…

9. February 2012

If you are trying to lose weight, save up money and buy a nice shirt. A really nice, pretty expensive shirt. Buy it in the size that you WANT to be. You can do this with pants too. Don’t take them back, leave them on your dresser or somewhere out in the open. Your goal is to fit into these clothes COMFORTABLY. I personally have a shirt right now that I adore, it’s a workout shirt, but I love it. It’s a Nike dri-fit, blue long sleeve shirt. Size medium. I can fit in it, but it hugs every roll I have. Once I can wear this shirt with a little bit of space between my stomach and the shirt, I will be satisfied. When I get down to 160lbs, I am going to try this shirt on and see what it is like. 160 is not my GW, but that is one of the highest weights considered “healthy” for my height, and I know that it’s a good place to start. So, buy a shirt.

Workout #24 - 1/28/12

29. January 2012

So I’m on my dads iPad so I don’t want to type too much. I went to the gym today and when I got there, my membership expired and my mom didn’t renew it yet. Thankfully they still let me workout, however I told them that my mom would call and renew today. I got there at 1.40 and the gym closed at 3 and my mom had to call before that, so I had to hurry in the gym so I could call my mom. Anyway, it was a quick workout. I did a mile on the elliptical and I jogged a mile on the treadmill. I’m trying to eat really healthy and workout hard hard hard because my one month weigh in is on the first. So we’ll see.

What I ate today:

Bowl of special k berry and yogurt
Bowl of mac and cheese
Bowl of chop suey or whatever my dad made
Arnold palmer

So not a lot but not healthy. Tomorrow will be better.

Workout #23 - 1/27/12 splurge day.

28. January 2012

Today was an interesting day. I knew I was getting together with family tonight so I did my best to plan accordingly. I had school, then when I got home I rested my eyes for like 20 minutes, and then I went to workout. As soon as I was done with that, I showered, then my friends and family got here and we ate and played apples to apples. We ate bad. After all of this was over, I went to broomball practice/scrimmage. Busy day, and now I’m exhausted typing this as I’m barely alive. My workout was pathetic today, but at least I went. I did 1 mile on the elliptical. Then I had to get on the treadmill right away since I was in a big hurry. I didn’t get on my regular treadmill but I got on another one. I walked for a minute like normal, then I jogged at 3.5 for ONLY one song. My legs were burning, I felt like I was going up a hill, it was so hard! I don’t know what was wrong. I checked the incline and everything, but there is nothing wrong. It was so weird. So I walked the rest up to a mile. Then I went to broomball which was a pretty good workout.

What I ate today:

  • Bowl of special k, yogurt and berries cereal
  • Clif chocolate chip bar (Love these)
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • 5 chicken wings
  • Serving of Macaroni salad
  • Small bag of bbq chips
  • Few oreos
  • Bowl of ice cream with hard chocolate on top of oreos and resees

So basically, I ate like my old self. It was bad, but I kind of needed a day like this. I will be back on tomorrow.