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Let’s be honest.

15. June 2012

I’m not going to be posting everyday like I was.


I will be getting on here and reblogging things and I will post when something significant happens.

I’m sad to say that I have fallen off of the health kick for this past month. HOWEVER, It is all beginning now again. I am going to start waking up and jogging every morning. I would like to run my own 5ks twice a month because I think it will help me work up since I’ve only been jogging about the same lengths recently. I need to push myself a little harder. I also want to start biking, that would be fun. I’m trying to save my joints a little. And, I want to attend some classes at my gym. Healthy eating! I’m going to try to make an all HEALTHY recipe book full of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes/ideas. I will try them first, and if I like them I will throw them in a sheet protector and then into a binder. So, if you have any good healthy recipes, send them my way!


June 1st weigh in.

1. June 2012

197.2 lbs. YAY I lost .2

I’m not even mad, I probably worked out 13 days this month and I ate tons of ice cream since it’s coming of summer.

I’m back on track baby!

Workout #35 - 2/13/12

13. February 2012

Today was a very rough day for me. I was super stressed this morning about school and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, like 5 hours. I also had a head ache throughout the day today, and I actually still have one. But after school, I went to workout. I felt good today, although it was a fast workout because I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I did .5 miles on the elliptical for a warm up, then I hopped on the treadmill. I did 1.25 miles straight at 5mph. Yay for more progress. After I got done working out, I passed out on the couch and slept until 9pm. So I really didn’t eat a lot today.

What I ate today:

  • Bowl of honey nut cheerios
  • Clif bar - Blueberry crisp
  • Apple
  • Bag of Baked BBQ lays
  • Easy Mac

So yeah, I’m about to go to bed again and It’s not even 11pm yet. But I”m waking up early to finish a project so It would be best. I just didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING today, and that’s what happened.

Workout #23 - 1/27/12 splurge day.

28. January 2012

Today was an interesting day. I knew I was getting together with family tonight so I did my best to plan accordingly. I had school, then when I got home I rested my eyes for like 20 minutes, and then I went to workout. As soon as I was done with that, I showered, then my friends and family got here and we ate and played apples to apples. We ate bad. After all of this was over, I went to broomball practice/scrimmage. Busy day, and now I’m exhausted typing this as I’m barely alive. My workout was pathetic today, but at least I went. I did 1 mile on the elliptical. Then I had to get on the treadmill right away since I was in a big hurry. I didn’t get on my regular treadmill but I got on another one. I walked for a minute like normal, then I jogged at 3.5 for ONLY one song. My legs were burning, I felt like I was going up a hill, it was so hard! I don’t know what was wrong. I checked the incline and everything, but there is nothing wrong. It was so weird. So I walked the rest up to a mile. Then I went to broomball which was a pretty good workout.

What I ate today:

  • Bowl of special k, yogurt and berries cereal
  • Clif chocolate chip bar (Love these)
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • 5 chicken wings
  • Serving of Macaroni salad
  • Small bag of bbq chips
  • Few oreos
  • Bowl of ice cream with hard chocolate on top of oreos and resees

So basically, I ate like my old self. It was bad, but I kind of needed a day like this. I will be back on tomorrow.

Workout #22 - 1/26/12

26. January 2012

Pretty good day today. I’ve seriously been exhausted all week. I’ve been trying to improve my sleeping schedule but it hasn’t been working. So I went to school and I came home. I put all of my gym stuff on, and then ended up falling asleep on the couch. Big mistake. When I woke up I felt groggy and didn’t want to workout. I almost said “I’m just going to skip today.” However, If I did that, I would consider myself a failure for today. I had the perfect opportunity to go to the gym and if I didn’t, that would be bad. So I went. So I went to the gym. I did 1 mile on the elliptical, then went straight to the treadmill. In the first 5 minutes, my right ankle was bugging me a little bit, but I pushed through it. I went faster than I normally do. I normally go 4.2-4.3mph, but today I went 4.5mph almost the whole jog. I know that this is really slow, but I’m trying to get up to 5mph. I went 1.5 miles and in like 20 minutes. So not a bad workout but I feel like I should of done more.

What I ate today:

  • Special K bowl of cereal fruits and berries
  • Clif chocolate chip peanut bar
  • Apple
  • 100 calorie bag of cheetos
  • Some leftover sesame chicken and chicken fried rice
  • About to eat a few more cheeto puffs.

Overall, pretty good day.

UGHHH Skip day - 1/25/12

25. January 2012

So yeah… the title. Bad bad bad bad bad day! I’m picking up again tomorrow. Something went wrong with my right ankle yesterday and it’s still a little sore. I was going to go, I had all my stuff on, but then my mom got home and wanted to go out to eat and didn’t want to take me to the gym, and at this time it was late. I’m really upset about it. That means I’m going to have to workout on Friday.

What I ate today:

  • Bowl of Special K Fruits and Berries
  • Clif Chocolate Chip Bar
  • Apple
  • A taco thing with a turkey burger, reduced fat cheddar, lettuce, a little bit of honey BBQ sauce
  • Went to a chinese place and had a little sesame chicken, a little sweet and sour chicken, and a little bit of fried rice
  • Scoop of frozen yogurt with chocolate chip cookie dough on it

So  yeah, bad day. I don’t want to talk about it, I’m really upset with myself.

Workout #20 - 1/23/12

23. January 2012

Ahh today. It started out really good. Went to school and then to workout. I did 2 miles on the elliptical in approx. 17 minutes. Then I jogged 1.3 miles. I’m going to have to start switching this workout pretty soon because I’m getting bored with it. I want to start doing the fun classes that are offered at my gym. I jog AT LEAST a mile on the treadmill everyday I go, but I want to get that up to at least 2 miles every time I go. So I will be working on that. Especially since I’m getting really sick of the elliptical. Today on the treadmill I went 4.3mph instead of 4.2mph. Soon I want to be to 4.5mph as a good jogging pace.

What I ate today:

  • Bowl of Life Cinnamon Cereal
  • Clif chocolate chip and peanut bar
  • Apple
  • Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom w/o tomato
  • Snack Size M&M mcflurry. (Don’t let “snack size” fool you, this little bugger has over 400 calories in it! It’s ok though, I really wanted some and its the first dessert I’ve had that was that much in a while. And, I don’t feel to good now.)

Good eating day except for the little dessert at the end.

My ipod makes my work outs so much easier! If you don’t have an mp3 player you should definitely invest in one. I couldn’t jog without it. You can get mp3 players really cheap used. Check your local craigslist and look for used technology shops in your area.

"I need to lose weight, so I decided I’m going on a diet!" Me: -smh-

17. January 2012

It’s a lifestyle change. Diets don’t work, well not in the long run.

Sissy workout #12 - 1/13/12

13. January 2012

So, today I couldn’t get to the gym and it’s really cold and windy out with snow on the ground so I didn’t want to jog. I just did a little sissy workout at home. At least I did something. I went up and down my stairs 5 times. Did 50 jumping jacks. Ten sissy push ups. 15 leg grab crunches thing. Then I did leg lifts 10 times. Side leg lifts 10 times each. Arm circles, I think 50 times. Plank for 40 seconds counted in my head. A wall sit for 30 seconds. Then I did 50 more jumping jacks and went up and down my stairs 5 more times. Not bad! I got my heart rate up and I sweated a little bit, so that’s good. I also have a broomball scrimmage tonight where I will be on the ice for an hour, so I will get more exercise then!

Today hasn’t been and won’t be a very good eating day.

My eating:

  • Bowl of honey nut cherrios
  • One individual wrap resees cup
  • Half of a ziploc bag full of white yogurt pretzel

^^ Already ate these

Planning on eating the things below for the rest of the day.

  • A half of a sloppy joe (manwhich)
  • A fruit of some kind, probably a clementine

No workout today. 1/10/12

10. January 2012

Yeah, so today was my skip day for the week. I got out of school and was planning on working out, but I was with my grandma and got my haircut. I also had broomball tonight. Everything is back to normal tomorrow!

What I ate today:

  • Bowl of cherrios
  • Clementine
  • Half of a power bar
  • 6 cheese crackers
  • Magic wok sweet and sour chicken dish
  • Egg roll
  • Fortune Cookie

Workout #10 -1/9/12

9. January 2012

Woooo, number 10 baby! I woke up and went to school, went to workout, and now I’m just chilling at home. Now, for more details…

For breakfast I had a bowl of honey nut cherrios. After that, I went to school. For lunch I had a clementine and a cranberry & oatmeal cookie powerbar. During my last class, I had about 12 pretzel sticks. When school was over, I went to the gym. I did 2 miles on the elliptical, again, as fast as I could. I did two miles in exactly 17 minutes. I’m trying to beat the time but it’s hard. Then I did my pull ups and dips, which are getting much easier. Then I managed to jog 10 minutes straight on the treadmill which was .7 miles. All in all, a good workout and progress was made which is all that matters. When I left the gym, I ate a turkey tom from Jimmy John’s with no tomato. So far, that’s all I have eaten. But right now I’m starting to get a little hungry and I’m not sure what I will eat.


It happens to be my “time of the month” not to mention I have final exams this week, and I’m still maintaining my workouts and managing to eat generally healthy.

Excuses are excuses. You are only cheating yourself.

My Workout #5 - 1/3/12

3. January 2012

Today was a good day although a little difficult. It was my first day back to school since break ended, so I’ve been awake for a while now. It’s harder to eat well because I’m in a hurry throughout the day but you can still say I managed. For breakfast I had a small bowl of cereal. For lunch I took a power bar and a clementine. I knew I was still kind of hungry so I bought a small bag of salted peanuts and ate them through my next class. After school, I went and worked out. First I did the elliptical for 2 miles straight and as fast as I could. I worked up a good sweat and my heart beat was up there. Then I got off of the elliptical and walked to do some pull-ups and dips (I need to keep my arm muscle). Then I came back to the cardio area and got on the treadmill. I walked for the first minute, then I jogged for 5 minutes, I took a 2 minute break at a walk, and then I jogged for 2 more minutes, and of course cooled down for like 45 seconds (That’s what the treadmill made me do for a cool-down). So I jogged for 7 minutes. That’s good for me, I didn’t even think I would make it past 3 minutes. I’m slowly getting better.

We went out to eat after that and I got a chicken sandwich thing. It was grilled chicken strips wrapped in a pita with lettuce and mayonnaise. I ate like 3/4 of it. Then I went to Broomball practice. Broomball is why I need to keep my arm strength. The practice wasn’t vigorous exercise or anything, but I did work up a sweat.

Now I’m home and I was so Hungry! So I ate a really small bowl of cereal…

It was a pretty good day.

Call me crazy, It already seems like I look a little smaller! I feel like I’m in a lot better shape than when I started…it’s only been like a week!? Maybe it’s because I’ve never really pushed my body like this. Oh well, I feel good and that’s all that matters.

OH YEAH :( I did eat 2 cookies today, one small sugar cookie and a regular size chocolate chip cookie. I’m making a lifestyle change, and I’m not going to go the rest of my life without cookies :)

I have a lot more to talk about, but I’m going to save that for another time.

How was your workout today?

No gym today #1. - 1/30/11

30. December 2011

So I wanted to go to the gym today, but it’s not in the cards. So I’m going to try and do stuff here. By the way, I already at 4, that’s right (4) COOKIES. Someone shoot me now, why don’t I have self control? You don’t need to answer that one. They were really good though.

I was thinking push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, lunges, stairs… what should I do?